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Scholarship Management System Visual Basic 6.0 Project

Title : Scholarship Management System

Code : 615 Language :Visual Basic 6.0Back End :Visual Basic 6.0
Project Type : Application Projects
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Best Suited for : B.Sc Computer Science,B.Sc Information Technology,B.C.A


Abstract of Scholarship Management System non visual basic 6.0 ieee visual basic 6.0 project.

The project deals with Scholarship Management System with Visual Basic 6.0 as Front End and Microsoft Access 2000 as Back End. This project implements a software solution for the scholarship management system that automates the manual procedure of adopting and also speeds up the processing of scholarship application.

The software specially designed for scholarship management where this software helps to achieve perfect accuracy level of data. This software is user friendly for the dynamic uses of the software. This leads to manipulate the data of the student an administration of the institution.

The system is designed to meet the ever-green needs of an organization in the effort to manage their student scholarship information. It speeds up the process by keeping track of each individual student's accounts it ensures that every payment and receipt is accounted for. In addition, the education system also needs a comprehensive security system that ensures only authorized users are allowed to perform certain operations.

Here we have implemented a Scholarship Management System by defining a new scholarship and implement the scholarship announcement that has been made by the government.


Downloads of "Scholarship Management System non visual basic 6.0 ieee visual basic 6.0 project".

>Module Descriptions

Module Descriptions of "Scholarship Management System ieee matlab project. These modules will be developed in visual basic 6.0 source code"

1) File

File module is designed such as that it contain the major operations of scholarships. For that purpose this module is spitted five modules. They are as follows
       New Scholarship
       Update scholarship
       Deliver scholarship
       1.1. New Scholarship:
       When a new scholarship in announced the user or the administrator redirected to this modules to create new scholarship. In this modules the details of scholarship name, scholarship duration, and eligibility of scholarship, question to be arranged for the application form and in charge persons for particular scholarship are asked to be filled. This is the form of the wizard to generate a new scholarship after completing the wizard the program generates a new scholarship application and sets the rules for scholarship.
       1.2. Update Scholarship:
       The changes in existing scholarship can be done through this module. The end user can change the existing details of the scholarship name, duration, eligibility and in charge persons.
       1.3. Deliver Scholarship:
       After the sanctioned scholarship the applicant can receive the scholarship amount through this module. Here the receiver and giver of the scholarship amount can be entered and send to the delivery list of scholarships.
       1.4. Logout/Login:
       Logout/Login module is the security lock of the application through this module a software end user can enter or receive from the application.
       1.5. Exit:
       Exit option is used to quit the total application.

2) Students

The student details are given under this module. Here the major detail of the student is entered, edited and updated. This module contains four sub modules of their operations. They are
       New Students
       Update Students
       Student List
       Delete Students
       2.1. New Students:
       New student module is implemented to enter the detail of the new student which does not in the records of the application. In this module student name, Course details, address details, religion and photo are asked to enter in the application.
       2.2. Update Student:
       The misplaced and wrong student data which already entered can be modified from this module.
       2.3. Students List:
       Student's list module generates the list view of students containing some special filters to see all the students in a filter option.
       2.4. Delete Student:
       The unwanted student entries in the student records can be deleted using this module.

3) Scholarship

The scholarship movement from the application to delivery will be processed in this module. This module contain six sub module
       Exported List
       Delivered List
       Scholarship Status
       3.1. Application:
       Application sub module generates the application form for the specified scholarship, and then the applicant or the application in charge prompted to fill the application and submit. Here the scholarship code or name should be entered to generate the application for specified scholarship. The application forms are loaded from the rules and eligibilities defined by the scholarship.
       3.2. Verification:
       Here the list of applicants will be shown in which they are crossing the verification process. In this module, the eligibility and the attachments are to be verified by the in charge persons.
       3.3. Selection:
       After the verification of the application, applicants are filtered to the selection list. Thus in this module, we can see the list of applicants who were selected and ready to export their details for the scholarship sanctioned.
       3.4. Exported List:
       Exported list module generates a list of applicants in which they are waiting for their result of sanction from the head office or other superior officer.
       3.5. Delivered List:
       Here we can enquire the details of the applicant whose scholarship amount was delivered.
       3.6. Scholarship Status:
       For a quick enquiry of an applicant can see the progress of his/her status of scholarship.

4) Course

To fast fill the scholarship application forms, the existing course in the college can be entered here. This module is divided into 4 sub modules for the operations adding updating the existing course, delete on unwanted or removed course.
       New Course
       Update Course
       Course List
       Delete Course
       4.1. New Course:
       The new record entry of details are entered here and submitted to the record list.
       4.2. Update Course:
       The existing course details can be edited modified using this module.
       4.3. Course List:
       Here the user can see the list of all the courses currently available in the college and the details relating that.
       4.4. Delete Course:
       The unwanted or wrong data entry of courses can be deleted from this module.

5) Administration

Administration module is the control panel of the application to manipulate the application process. Here the modules are divided into five. They are,
       User Accounts
       5.1. Configuration:
       The information about the institution, college, school is to be entered, here to generate the reports with these names and details.
       5.2. User Accounts:
       The application user's control panel designed here. In this module an administrator create a new user, delete an existing users and it define password protection for the users.
       5.3. Backup:
       The over all records stored to the computer can be backed up from this module from the user specified directory.
       5.4. Restore:
       The records in the backup file in the directory can be restored to the application from this module.
       5.5. Recycle:
       Recycle module is implemented for recycling the records in the application for every academic year. Here the administrator can reset student details, scholarship details or over all records.

6) Reports

The application contains the report module to generate the list of applicant and their status. The reports and descriptions are given below.
       Application: List of Applications.
       Verification: List of verified Applications.
       Selection: List of selected Applications.
       Exported List: List of applicants exported to the superior officer.
       Delivered List: List of students whose scholarship amounts are delivered.

7) Search

Search is a module which acts as a search engine within the application to search a student, scholarship or an application. This module lists students, details scholarships and applications when entering a keyword.

Hardware Requirement Specification

Processor :Intel Pentium III or later
Main Memory(RAM) :256 MB
Cache Memory :512 KB
Monitor :17 inch Color Monitor
Keyboard :108 Keys
Mouse :Optical Mouse
Hard Disk :160 GB

Software Requirement Specification

Front End/Language :Visual Basic 6.0
Back End/Database :Nil
Additional Tools:Visual Studio 6.0
Operating System:Windows XP Service Pack 2/Windows Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8

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